sâmbătă, 24 septembrie 2011


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  1. Told you that the song is great, told you si ca ea e a great great singer!:X Chiar iubesc cantecul asta si ma bucur ca l-ai postat.

    Miss you!

  2. Aaaaaa P.S Love the changes you made on your blog, chiar vreau sa fac si eu niste schimbari la al meu mai ales acum ca am inceput un "proiect" nou:))!

    P.P.S Answer my message on Tpu, you nerd:)), just kidding, or not, you figure it out:)))
    P.P.P.S Miss you again!>:D<

  3. P.P.P.P.S You kno` that little words they make you write when you leave a comment? Oh well Mine was cheessect i mean it was almost dissect:)) like dissect a frog or something:))):)) :D Never mind:-j